September 20, 2014



Located about 3 km from the Om Beach, the Kudle Beach is Gokarna's second most popular beach. In fact, this shore is more popular with the Indian tourists. Like the Om Beach, there are some small resorts and cafes here. It is also quite accessible; the road leads to a descent which is not very steep. The beach is just hardly 5 minutes walk from the road. The pathway which is lined by vegetation and a small stream flowing through the rocks, gives the place an exotic feel.

The beach is long and narrow, much like the other beaches along the Arabian. When we reached the place, it started raining heavily. I remember coming here in 2004 when we had come to the temple town for Anna's (my paternal grandfather) last rites. On that occasion, we had visited a resort on the beach which was run by a local and his Spanish wife. This time around, the sea was rough and had encroached most of the beach. The winds were blowing at very high speeds. We spent about 15 minutes here and then left for Gokarna.

The Kudle Beach as seen from the road
The green fields, the palms, the Ghats, the beach and the sea... the Arabian coast as I know it
The Sea at Kudle
The Arabian in fury
The palms had a difficult time withstanding the winds

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