Hi! I am Varun Nayak, a software engineer by profession currently working for an IT firm in (surprise, surprise) Bengaluru. Though I hail from Honnavar - a sleepy town nestled in the Western Ghats along the Arabian in coastal Karnataka, I have lived for a decade in Mumbai, India's premiere cosmopolitan city and spent another 10 years in the small yet beautiful state of Goa. I am extremely proud to be an Indian and firmly believe that the time has come for us fulfill our potential and become a major global power on all fronts.

Though I work for a software company, coding is certainly not one of my favorite pass times, as evident from the articles put up on my blog. Wildlife and Indian History are two subjects that I am extremely passionate about. I do like reading non-fictional books; ones on history or those set in the backdrop of historical events are preferred. Watching documentaries, again on wildlife and history is hobby, specially if I am stuck in Bengaluru's infamous traffic jams. Politics is another topic that I follow closely; my day is incomplete without watching the daily new bulletin and 'The News Hour' with Arnab Goswami. Photography is one other hobby which I have started pursuing lately. And yes, how can I forget... blogging.

I started this blog - Abhiprai which means 'Opinion' in many Indian languages in late December 2009. I need to mention that my friends Ambarish and Niketh were instrumental in introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging. Now in case you think that I write crap, you know who are the people to blame. The first few articles were about the major events of the year 2009. In course of time though, my articles covered a wide range of topics including current affairs, history, wildlife, politics, mythology and a few quizzes too.

At this time, I must mention that I don't claim that all the material on the blog is my own. At the same time, I have made attempts to mention the sources from where I have taken these materials.

Finally, in case you have any suggestions for improvements or disagree with my views or need to contact me, drop a mail on my email id: varun.m.nayak@gmail.com .

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