September 20, 2014



After the failed trek to Half Moon Beach, we went to the Paradise Beach. Again, one needs to go to the Belekan Beach and then walk through a trail of about 2 km before reaching the beach. Alternatively, one can reach here either by a boat ride or by a hike from Half Moon.

The drive to Belekan was beautiful; well laid roads along the hills with regular sightings of numerous birds including Kingfishers, Jungle Barblers, Mynahs, Red-wattled Lapwing and the most beautiful - Peacocks. At one point of time, we saw as many as six of them in a forest. The auto driver was kind enough to wait for us as I tried to get some quick snaps. However, the peacocks were too quick for me and disappeared into the forests.

We got down at the Belekan beach and then started on the trail which goes around a hill. We crossed a stream of fresh water which according to me was the best part of our second consecutive failed trail. We walked up the hill, going past some houses where stray dogs started barking at us. It was afternoon and walking in the heat was getting increasingly difficult. We also spotted a gang of Gray Langur sitting on a compound wall. We reached a small house on top and then took the wrong way to end exactly at the place where we had started our hike. Too tired to give a second shot, we crossed the stream and got into our auto. Next stop was the Kudle Beach - Gokarna's second most popular beach

The Belekan Beach
The entire beach was littered with organic waste
A Dragon Fly
Gray Langur or Indian Langur
More clicks at Belekan

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