September 13, 2014



The cottages in Namaste Cafe have few tiny artificial ponds where one can easily spot Indian Bull Frogs. Sitting still either on land or just lazying around in the waters, they are extremely photogenic. We spotted about five of them; they were huge, bigger than the smaller frogs that I was familiar with in Goa. Those black eyes and the bronze ring around it, the thin yellow line running through the center and those light green spots, make them look so beautiful.

Over the last few decades, frog meat has become very popular in certain parts of the country. Thousands of frogs are caught every year, especially during the monsoon when they are found in plenty. A large number of people seem to have acquired a taste for frog legs. Considering that these amphibians play a key role in controlling the population of pests and other insects, the decline in their numbers will lead to huge agricultural losses. Over exploitation of species like Indian Bull Frogs should be avoided as it could seriously jeopardize the eco-system and impact our grain production. Please bear this in mind the next time you visit a hotel and order your favorite frog dish. Remember, when the buying stops, the killing will stop too!

Prince Charming?
Look at those eyes....
Frogs use their powerful hind legs while jumping

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