September 13, 2014



While it had been largely raining throughout the day, the skies cleared later in the evening much to the relief of tourists like us. The seas were still rough though and the lone policeman who was stationed there was doing a good job, making sure that the people do not venture too far into the Arabian. Meanwhile, a group of fishermen were trying to net some fishes using the traditional method, perched high on the rocks close to the shore. I am not sure what they could catch considering the weather. However, I was really amazed by their courage; it takes lot of guts to stand on those slippery rocks even as the saline waters of the Arabian lash against them making a splash. In fact, the speed of the winds and the sound of those colossal waves were enough to send a chill down my spine.

The fisher folk were unperturbed by those gigantic waves
The Ghats provide a nice back drop for this picture
By now, the sea had calmed down
I love the angle in this picture... a ship in the distance would have made it perfect!

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