February 01, 2014



Indian Pond Heron
A native of the Indian Subcontinent, South and South-East Asia, the Indian Pond Heron is one of the most common birds of the country. From the beaches of Goa to the lakes of Bengaluru to nearby nullahs, you can find them in places with proximity to water. In fact they are generally found in association with egrets. They are generally camera shy. However, this one was pretty brave. It looked like it was enjoying ll the attention it was getting from the several birding enthusiasts who were there.

White Breasted Waterhen

While the Pond Heron was posing for the shutterbugs, the White Breasted Waterhen was in some sort of hurry. It made me dance all around and yet I could not get a decent shot. Like the herons, they are residents of Southern and South-eastern Asia. It can be identified from the white marks on the face, neck and breast. As compared to other members of the Rallidae family, they are dull in color and are relatively less abundant in the city.

Purple Moorhen

Unlike their cousins, the Purple Moorhen have been gifted with brilliant colors - bluish purple coat and red beak making them irresistible to the eyes. In fact, the best places to spot them in the city are the lakes of Agara and Madivala (BTM). This is because here vast stretches of water is covered with vegetation which is ideal habitat for them. On the contrary, the waters in the Lalbagh lake are free from all kinds of vegetation. Its range stretches over most of the Old World extending up to Australia. This individual in Lalbagh had several hatchlings; the young ones are black in color.

Common Moorhen
A resident breeder of vast regions of Asia, Africa and Europe, the Common Moorhen is not as common as its purple cousin, at least in the city. It is easily recognizable from its frontal red shield. Out of the five sub species, the one found in the mainland is known as the Eurasian Common Moorhen.

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