February 01, 2014



Before I start with the birding photos, here are some of the other snaps that I clicked on that morning. Considering that Lalbagh consists of three to four different kinds of habitats, each acting as a mini-ecosystem, it is not at all surprising that so many different avian species are found here. The Lotus Pond is the first stop on my birding tours to this place. Besides the numerous water birds, one of the things that I like about the pond are the Lotus flowers. Seeing these pink spots in a sea of green is truly amazing. The National flower is indeed one of Mother Nature's most beautiful creations.

On my earlier two trips, I was never able to complete the walk along the circumference of the Lalbagh lake. I generally end up standing at the bridge, which divides the Lotus Pond from the main lake. In fact, this is a strategic location from where you can spot birds that come to both these water bodies. However, this time, I made sure that I completed the round trip. To be frank, the walk is very tiring and I don't know how Da could complete three rounds. The next two pictures were taken from the western side of the lake. Notice, that the clean waters are good for capturing reflections.

Now, the next picture is one of my favorite. This was clicked as we were walking towards the West gate after having spent over two hours at the lake. All those familiar with the garden will know that the lake is elevated as compared to the other parts of the park. There are steps, with Nandi statues on either side that one has to climb to reach the lake while coming from the direction of the clock. In this photo, the blue sky and the steep slope with sparse grass cover provide the perfect contrast. The empty seat, one of the many that the Tourism department has put up along the lake and the dog add to the charm. Of course, it would have been perfect if there was a couple sitting on the bench. But that is Ok.

And finally, this is a shot of the Lalbagh Lake. Notice the clear waters and the birds on the tree at the centre. It feels so good seeing that the garden right in the middle of the city has been maintained so well. How I wish all other lakes in Bangalore would also get this kind of attention. I wish that Agara and Madivala lakes are cleared of the weeds that are proliferating here at an alarming rate. I wish that people stop visiting the Begur Lake for their morning abulations. I wish that the tiny Iblur lake is given a new lease of life. The list is endless...

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