September 27, 2014



After clicking the Munias, as I was walking towards the bus stand, noises coming from the bushes nearby caught my attention. As I went to have a closer look, what I saw was probably the best part of the entire birding trip. Wikipedia mentions that juvenile Baya Weavers are known to leave their nests and disperse to newer locations in the vicinity. What I had come across was in opinion, one such 'Baya Weaver Play School'. I found about six little Weavers there; in fact, the Gen Next was much more approachable than the adults. I was able to get some very good captures; yeah, I love some of the clicks that I have posted here. At the same time, I was careful enough not to attract the attention of predators like Crows and Eagles. After all, the young Weaver can be easy picking for these predators.

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