September 14, 2014



After having Masala tea in the evening, our plan was to walk to the Kudle Beach which is about three kilometers from the Om Beach. We left Namaste Cafe at 5:00 pm in the evening. We had hardly covered any distance when it began to rain heavily and in a matter of minutes we were completely drenched. However, we continued to walk in the hope that the Rain Gods would reward us for our determination. We walked for over a kilometer and there was no respite from the heavy downpour. Disappointed, we went back to our hotel. All along the way, a dog which Bhabi named as 'Lakshya', kept following us. After coming back, I went to a canteen near the beach to get some biscuits so that we could feed it. Unfortunately, the canteen was not operational and we would not see that wonderful dog again. Frankly, if there is one regret I have from the trip, it has to be that I could not feed Lakshya.

Ironically, the rains stopped once we were back on the Om beach. After changing, we spent rest of the evening walking along the coast line. By this time, there were several people on the beach. While some locals were fishing, the tourists were having a great time playing in the waters of the Arabian which by now had calmed down, well almost. Amongst them was this one small boy, who I guess was visually impaired. The sheer joy on his face as he stepped into the sea was magical.

We went for dinner early, at 7:00 pm and retired to our room by ten that night. After all, it had been an eventful day and all of us were tired.

Shiv Linga in stone
Bhabi. strikes a pose
Chai Chappa Chai, Panio Mein Cheete Udati Hui Ladki
The Arabian which was in rage earlier...
...had calmed down by now
Leaving behind some memories on sand

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