September 20, 2014



Pulling a fishing boat on dry sand can be extremely difficult due to friction. Moreover, considering the peculiar shape of the boat, it is difficult to maintain the balance while dragging it. As such, the fisherfolk have come up with a brilliant idea to tackle this. I wonder how old this technique is.

Nearly six to eight logs of wood are kept in front of the boat at a distance of about 2 meters apart and the boat is pulled over it. While doing this, the men have to make sure that the boat does not fall on to one side. After pulling the boat, the logs that are left behind are brought and kept in front. Some of the boatmen use truck tyres which offers more surface area and are better than wood. While the process may be laborious, watching the men put in all that effort is amazing. Even Da and I joined in to help the guys in this process. Though they did not say anything, I wish they were happy.

Zor Lagake..... I like the wave-like patterns on the sand
Pulling the boat over wood
Ready to go...
Da and Me lending a helping hand

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