February 02, 2014



If there was one bird which I was happy to shoot at Lalbagh, it was the Indian Cormorant. Slightly larger than its cousin the Little Cormorant, this bird is pretty much similar to other cormorants. Distinguishing the two species can be difficult. One good link in this regard is this (Link).

I would like to share one story here. As I was busy clicking the Cormorants, a visitor who was jogging with his friends made the following comment, probably aimed at me: "When you come to Lalbagh on Sunday mornings, even crows look exotic". I do not have any problem with the jibe at me. But I have a different take on it. Isn't it sad that even the educated class in a city like Bangalore are so ignorant about our feathered friends. I mean, the Indian Cormorants are some of the most common birds in the country and yet people have no idea about them. This says a thing or two about our education system, the level of awareness we have about environment and more importantly, about ourselves too.

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