January 01, 2014



Wishing you all a happy new year. I would have loved this to be my first post of the year. However my last post (Link), a quiz on the life of the great Alan Turing - a person who I have been inspired to a large extent lately, is technically my premiere post of 2014. Moving on, my Bhabi had once told me to write more about myself and things happening in my life. She said that some years later, reading such posts would make me happy. Though I ridiculed her then, on retrospection, I think she was right. Waah Bhabi, aap great ho. And what better way to start this than jotting down my resolutions for the year on my blog. I guess making a note of the resolutions would motivate me to fulfill them. May be in the last week of December, I can revisit the post and asses my performance over the last 12 months. Below is a list of things that I want to do in 2014.

On the personal front, I will be completely a two and half decade of existence this March and I think I need to give more time to myself and my family. So the resolutions in this category include:
(1)  Drink more water... at least 5 glasses per day
(2)  Exercise regularly and lose 2 kilogram
(3)  Eat more fruits
(4)  Go for an eye test
(5)  Talk more to Mummy... general things, gossip, E24 News etc
(6)  Be more patient while talking to dad
(7)  Speak to Dada at least twice a week
(8)  Speak to friends more regularly
(9)  Reduce work related stress
(10) Be more punctual... time management is the mantra

As far as my hobbies are concerned, my resolutions are as follows:
(1) Read more about Indian history, wildlife, politics and mythology
(2) Visit five places around Bengaluru - Srirangapattnam, Mysore, Kokre Belur, Nandi Hills and so on
(3) Visit places like lakes and historic temples in Bengaluru and write about them
(4) Watch at least 50 documentaries
(5) See at least ten good movies in this year
(6) Read five good books on any topic other than history or wildlife
(7) Draw/Sketch more
(8) Learn Javascript and little bit of Kannada
(9) Vote in the General Elections 2014... party yet to be decided
(10) Get a driving license

Photography is my latest hobby; I think my camera Canon SX50HS is the best gift that I have ever got. Thank you Da. I want to hone my photography skills this year. So here are the resolutions:
(1) Click more pictures
(2) Manage photos well... I mean segregate them like the songs on my disk
(3) Move from Auto and Program mode and explore other options
(4) Click 40 new species of birds this year
(5) Click more photos of people

And last but not the least, the resolutions regarding my blog are as follows:
(1) Publish 100 posts this year... history, politics, wildlife, photos any thing will do
(2) Write at least one post on history and wildlife per month
(3) Publish more photos
(4) More musings on the blog
(5) Write for two contests featuring on Indiblogger