November 04, 2013



As the festivities came to an end by 3rd November, it was time for Peemaram the potter who had set up his shop outside the NGV gate to go back. A couple of days before he left, I caught up with him and clicked some more snaps of him and the artifacts that he had created. Peelaram originally hails from Bhiladaa in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan and sells terracotta items in a makeshift shop along the Old Madras Road (OMR). With the onset of Diwali when earthenware, especially lamps are in great demand, he comes here to Koramanagala to make some money. As compared to my first meeting with him, he seemed to be more relaxed this time around, giving me suggestions and smiling a lot more. When I showed him my previous post (Link) which had some of his snaps, he was thrilled and even asked me for the web address so that his relatives back home can see it. He asked me for hard copies of the photos. Sadly though, since it was Diwali many of the shops here were shut down and I could not get the images in time. Although Peemaram has gone back, I hope that I will meet him soon and give him the photos I had taken. I think that will be a great tribute to this master potter.

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