November 02, 2013



Every year, just prior to Diwali - the festival of lights, it is common to find potters along the road, selling beautifully created and brightly coloured pottery at very cheap prices. A few days ago, Bhabi came up with this idea of selling painted diyas to earn some extra money during the festive season. As such, last Saturday, I and my Canon SX50HS accompanied her as she went to buy them from this potter who has set up his shop near the back gate of NGV in Kormanagala. Hailing from Jodhour, Bholaram the potter was kind enough to allow me to click these snaps and even posed for a portrait, while attending to several customers who like us, looked to be spell bound by his magnificent work.

Pottery is an art which I have always admired. Besides the fact that earthenware is extremely elegant, it also has a nice feel to it, something that you can never find either with metal or plastic. And pottery holds a special place in the hearts of all people who love history in general and archaeology in particular. I am no exception to this. In many regions across the world, advancement in pottery and the art depicted on it is one of the factors used in distinguishing phases of several prominent civilizations. Over the years the methods used in creating them may have changed; I am pretty sure that much of the items on display here were not created on the traditional wheel but using moulds. Nonetheless, the finesse of these articles is timeless. On this note, i would like to wish all my friends and reader a very happy, green and safe Diwali

Peemaram - the Master Potter
Surya Colony, Hijwadi Road, Sabji Mandi, Bhiladaa, Jodhpur - Rajasthan

PS: Some of the photos posted here were clicked by my Bhabi.

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