November 09, 2013



Ever since we shifted to NGV, spotting Black Kites has become extremely common, more so because we stay on the top floor. Every day, at about 11 in the morning and at 6 in the evening, I find perched either on the nearby tower or on the water tanks above the terrace. As mentioned earlier, these are some of the birds that are doing very well in the city. Although I personally like their cousins - the Brahminy Kites (Link) more because of their vivid colors and the fact that they remind me of the Western coast, the Black Kites are, without any doubt, very royal and graceful, especially in flight. 

The following photos of one such pair were clicked on 5 th November, 2013 while I was at home for Diwali. Amongst all the photos of these avians that I have clicked in the last six months, I like these the most. Hope you like it too.

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